​​​STEP 3:  Make payment through the appropriate PayPal portal below.  Ensure proper Team Number is entered in order to ensure payment is applied to the correct team.

Payment must be made NO LATER THANJUNE 30th in order to hold Team slot.


  1. Must be on an Active Military Status
  2. Must be authorized by the participant's military to conduct parachute operations.
  3. Must have a minimum of 10 static-line parachute jumps.


To register a team for LEAPFEST 2020, please choose a registration path based on the nationality of the team you wish to register, and follow the steps below.

US competitors are required to have conducted an MC-6 jump within 365 days of Competition Day (August 1, 2020).

​US competitors are also required to submit their Hazardous Duty Orders (HDO's) to the LEAPFEST Action Officer prior to JUNE 30th.


Please choose the appropriate dropdown:
Please Enter Your Team Number

​COVID-19 UPDATE - MAY 2020:

LEAPFEST 2020 is Officially Cancelled  

This difficult decision is based on our continued prioritization of competitor and spectator safety, and the potential harm that may result from running such a popular and well-attended event.  Additionally, the travel and social distancing restrictions that are now in effect make it impractical to conduct an International Parachute Competition here in Rhode Island.  We are deeply disappointed to have to make this announcement and hope that everyone will join us next year for LEAPFEST 2021!

If you have Registered for LEAPFEST 2020, you will be contacted via email with more information regarding this cancellation.  If you have submitted your Registration Payment, a refund will be forthcoming.

Thank you for your continued support of LEAPFEST!​​

​​​FINAL STEPS:  Fill out Enclosure 2 (Emergency Data Cards) and Enclosure 3 (Training Certification), and submit to the LEAPFEST Action Officer.

​**NOTE:  The Training Certification Memorandum is to be approved and signed by a Lieutenant Colonel (O5, OF-4, or equivalent and higher) in their chain of command​, and submitted NO LATER THAN JUNE 30th.**

STEP 1:  Review the competitor participation requirements.  Then download the appropriate Registration Materials (The Memorandum of Instruction (MOI) and three Enclosures).

​​STEP 2:  Fill out Enclosure 1 (REGISTRATION Form) as completely as possible and submit to


*You will receive a confirmation email from the LEAPFEST Action Officer assigning a Team Number.*

Flight and travel information may not be available for Internationals at the time of Registration submittal, but should be provided as soon as possible, so that ground transportation to/from the airport can be provided.

​International competitors are not required to have conducted an MC-6 jump prior to LEAPFEST.  An MC-6 familiarization jump will be conducted here in Rhode Island for all International competitors during the week before Competition Day (August 1, 2020).

Flight and travel information is not needed from US personnel.


UNITED STATES Paratroopers

  1. Must be on military status (Title 10 or Title 32).
  2. Must be on Airborne Status (Hazardous Duty Orders (HDO)).
  3. Must be trained and qualified on MC-6 parachute system.
  4. Must have a minimum of 10 jumps.  Of those 10 jumps, at least one must be with the MC-6 parachute and be annotated on the training certification memorandum (Enclosure 3).
  5. All competitors must be on current status (HDO) and have jumped with the MC-6 parachute system within the last 365 days of the competition.